Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Snappy Queue Management System

Snappy queue management system is used to control queues. Queues of people form in various situations and locations in a queue area. The process of queue formation and propagation is defined as queuing theory. Where queues form in unpredictable locations and/or extend beyond a relatively small queue area, overhead detector based queue measurement systems cannot be effectively used. Alternative technology solutions using wide area queue sampling are effective in these situations. One method is using Bluetooth detection from mobile telephones held by people in the queue. Although a sampling technique, as typically 10 – 30% of telephone have active Bluetooth at any one time, [citation needed] it gives a reasonably accurate measurement of average queue wait times where long queues are present. A precise but more expensive method is the use of a people counter

Snappy Digital Signage

Snappy Digital signage is now used across many walks of live, empowering new information sharing and applications as never before. Below you can see how the snappy digital signage platform can help your business: in small retail stores, waiting rooms, swimming pools, academic institutions, corporations, and much more customers. Digital Signage is used typically to inform or advertise. There are major benefits for digital signs over traditional static signs, including the ability to update content remotely over the web, adapt the screens to your viewers and even interact with your local audience. Digital Signage is an easy, low-cost way to enhance your business. With the right digital signage offering you can increase sales, improve cost management, provide new revenue opportunities and transform your customer experience so that it leads to more repeat business. We make it easy to create and manage a digital signage offering that perfectly fits your business.

Snappy Feedback Management System

Snappy Feedback Management System will bring you closer to your customers, and management can directly hear the voice of customer, what customer wants to say to you. Customer feedback is an essential component in every modern business’ tool kit, Snappy Feedback Management System is one of the best choice to gather customer feedback. It will applicable for all business areas, services centers, retail outlets, government sectors and etc. It is cost effective and easy to use and install in all locations. This is achieved through the advance technology of reporting functions at both localized and centralized level.